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Social Media Tools for Work & Self Promotion

23 Apr

LinkedIn: LinkedIn is a social media tool use by professions across the world. It enables people to connect to other professionals in their field or any other industry, create new connections as well as helps people stay connected with old colleges, classmates etc. , it allows professionals to market themselves and their businesses, it posts jobs, and now people are able to apply for jobs directly through their LinkedIn account. LinkedIn reports it has more than 200 million members and users in more than 200 counties. In essence , LinkedIn is an online resume – a professional website , used to create and maintain a professional image.

Twitter: Twitter is a form of social media that enables users to send “tweets” of up to 140 characteristics long. Twitter is a “micro-blogging” website where users can send out brief messages on any issue. Twitter has become one of the ten most visited websites on the internet, with over 500million registered users in 2012. Its immense popularity and use makes it a very useful tool for professionals. Twitter is a quick an efficient way to connect with other professionals, suppliers and customers. Twitter allows you to connect and spread your message to your intended audience with ease. Twitter also allows you to follow companies, business professionals, and celebrities which keeps you up to date in real time.

Facebook: Facebook can be an excellent social media tool if used correctly. With over 1billion members, the options are endless. When using Facebook it is important to remember to keep the content professional. It is easy to forget who can see what you post and can cause more harm than good. Facebook is an excellent place for companies to market because they are able to track who, what and where potential customers are looking at their ads, and reach their target market. In recent years and months, Facebook has allowed more and more advertising on its site. Similarly to twitter, Facebook keeps you up to date on news and events you may be interested in as a professional or personally.

YouTube: If used correctly, YouTube can be an excellent tool for professionals. For instance, YouTube can be used by professionals that are actively seeking employment as a way to market themselves. Video resumes are a unique way to sell yourself to potential employers and a YouTube account is a way to do that.

Pinterest: Pinterest is a newer form of social media and is a helpful tool for sharing content with other professionals. Pinterest has some unique benefits compared to other social media websites. For instance, Pinalerts, which gives real time alerts if someone shares something you post on Pinterest. Pinalerts is a beneficial tool because it makes you aware of what others are sharing.

In the year 2013, social networking has become a necessity for professionals. Social media has countless benefits for professionals. For starters, creating a personal brand is a requirement to stay relevant in today’s society. Social media sites like LinkedIn are an excellent way to create and maintain a professional brand. LinkedIn allows you to create a personal brand and market your brand with ease. Job ads are often posted, recruiters are able to view LinkedIn accounts, and it gives you an online presence so if a potential employer Google’s you, your professional page comes up. As a professional is it vital that you maintain an online presence to market yourself or your business, to stay aware of trends, and be available to potential employers.